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A. Bartolotta & Sons

469 Route 10
Germantown, New York 12526

 “The Best Kept Secret in Produce”

Klein’s Kill Fruit Farms is a 3rd generation family-owned and operated tree Fruit Company based in the historic Hudson Valley in upstate New York.  Located 100 miles north of New York City, we specialize in growing, packing and marketing fresh apples, pears, peaches, & cherries.

Since 1921, our family has been committed to offering quality over quantity. Grown from local providers, we ship to a national client base that extends to 30 states. With a true four seasons Klein's Kill Fruit Farm has an ideal growing environment for each of the unique fruit varieties that we offer. Beyond the physical locations of our 600 acres of orchards, we rely on the knowledge of experienced horticulturists to implement the best growing practices.


APPLES                                                                    PEARS  

√  Paula Red    √  Macoun    √  Crispin/Mutsu  √  Fuji    √  Bartlett
√  McIntosh    √  Red Delicious  √  Stayman   √  Fortune       √  Bosc  
√  Gala        √  Empire √  Rome       √  Crab Apple        √  Seckel  
√  Honey Crisp √  Golden Delicious √  Ida Red   √  Lady Apple    
√  Cortland     √  Jona Gold  √  Cameo            


We specialize in providing our clients a safe, healthy, and environmentally conscience food product:

(1)  Food Safety – with a strict adherence to local Food Safety Inspections, we are proud of our
       reputation as only offering the best produce in the market today! A few achievements:

– We are a Global G.A.P.;

– Have acquired the Scientific Certifications Systems (SCS) designation;

– U.S.D.A. for good agricultural and good handling practices;

– Farm Review, Field Harvesting, Field Packing Activities;

– Packing House Storage and Transportation Activities;

– Trace Back and Food Defense procedures.

(2)  Healthy Living – research consistently shows a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as the key
       component to a healthy life and we are proud of our product offering.

(3)  Environment – it is our family’s passion to be committed to the environment and economic
       efficiencies to ensure a sustainable business for future generations to come.

Please contact us today so that we can provide additional information on our company.


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