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Safety Inspection

Russel Bartolotta has received a Certification of Achievement from CertiClean®, a company which maintains a HACCP-based Food Safety Management Program.  The CertiClean program recognizes outstanding efforts to ensure the safety of food products throughout the chain of custody.   In order to receive certification a company  must demonstrate compliance to a rigorous HACCP Food Safety Management plan.  This plan includes: quarterly maintenance audits, employee training, and sampling and testing consistent with the relevant crop/food risk level.  In addition the operations must demonstrate that they meet or exceed applicable local food safety and sanitation-related governmental regulations.

Russel has also received a Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), HACCP Based from the US Department of Agriculture.  HACCP or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a process that has been established for juice, meat, poultry and seafood to prevent food borne illness.  GMP assures that proper food handling procedures are followed and a healthy and sanitized work environment is maintained.

We specialize in providing our clients a safe, healthy, and environmentally conscience food product:

(1)  Food Safety – with a strict adherence to local Food Safety Inspections, we are proud of our
       reputation as only offering the best produce in the market today! A few achievements:

– We are a Global G.A.P.;

– Have acquired the Scientific Certifications Systems (SCS) designation;

– U.S.D.A. for good agricultural and good handling practices;

– Farm Review, Field Harvesting, Field Packing Activities;

– Packing House Storage and Transportation Activities;

– Trace Back and Food Defense procedures.

(2)  Healthy Living – research consistently shows a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as the key
       component to a healthy life and we are proud of our product offering.

(3)  Environment – it is our family’s passion to be committed to the environment and economic
       efficiencies to ensure a sustainable business for future generations to come.

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